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1. What are cookies?

  1. Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer, on a smartphone, or on electronic boards when you visit our sites. Cookies usually bear the name of the site from which the cookies came, the duration of the cookie (how long the cookie will be effective on your computer), and the value, which is usually a rare number randomly selected.

2. What is the purpose of using cookies?

  1. We use cookies to make our sites easy to use and to develop our sites so that our programs are compatible with your interests and needs. Cookies work because sites can read and write these files, let them recognize you and remember important information that will make your use more comfortable (for example, remember to adjust your details).
  2. Cookies can be a way to speed up your use of our sites in the future. We also use cookies to identify anonymous aggregations, statistics that allow us to identify how our customers use our sites, and to help us improve the structure and content of our sites. We can not personally identify you with this information.

3. What types of cookies do we use?

  1. Two types of cookies are used in our site, called session cookies and cookies. "Session Cookies" are temporary cookies that remain only until you leave the site. "Permanent Cookies" remain on your computer for much longer or even manually delete them (how long cookies remain on your device depends on the validity of the cookies).

- Third party cookies

  1. We also use a number of suppliers who may make up a set of cookies on your machine on our behalf when you visit our sites, which allows them to deliver the services they provide. For more information on these cookies, and also information on how to cancel receipt of such cookies, please see their privacy code.

4. What are the cookies we use?

  1. In the list below we mention the different types of cookies we use on out site.

- Core Cookies

  1. Cookies are essential to the work of the site and allow you to browse it and use its services and features. Without these basic cookies, the site will not perform as smoothly as we want, and we may not be able to provide the site or certain services or features you require.

- Tracking social components cookies

  1. These cookies are used to track members (and non-members) of the social network to analyze market research, product development.

- Cookies Analytics

  1. Cookies Analytics collects information about your use of the site, and allows us to improve the way we use the site. For example: The Analytics Cookies show us which of the pages on the site are visited sequentially, helped us record any difficulties encountered on our site, and between us if our advertisements are effective or not. This allows us to see models of usage on the site, as well as using one individual.

5. How do I manage cookies?

  1. Although all web pages are configured to accept cookies automatically, most web pages allow you to change settings to block cookies or cookies when sending cookies to your device.
  2. In addition to the above mentioned options, you may refuse, accept or delete cookies from the Site at any time by enabling or accessing the settings on your page. Information about the process of procedures to enable, disable and delete cookies can be obtained from the website provider on the web page on your help screen. Please note that cookies are disabled or deleted, not all features on the site may work as intended, for example, may not be You may visit some pages on the site or you may not receive any specialized information when you visit the site.
  3. When you use a different device to visit and access sites (from your computer, smartphone, tablet) you have to confirm that each page in each device is adjusted according to the preferred cookie for you.